Meridian Helicopters operates the AS350 B2 and B3 Ecureuil Helicopter.

Meridian Helicopters has extensive experience of live powerline inspection with thousands of transmission and distribution tower inspections carried out across Queensland.

Meridian Helicopters has increased its inspection capabilities to include UAV patrols and inspections as part of their service.

The addition of UAV services to our powerline works enables us to deliver detailed close visual inspection, while significantly improving safety performance by reducing the amount of ‘working at heights’ work required. Significantly decreasing the requirement for works to be completed in bucket trucks/cherry pickers and/or climbing of structures to evaluate powerline performance or damage. Further
limiting your workers’ exposure to live powerlines and possible electrocution.

Meridian Helicopters deliver comprehensive, consistent and easy to access inspection information, of equal quality of those delivered from our helicopter services. All of our UAV operations are carried out under our CASA approved ReOC with all pilots being insured, CASA approved, and appropriately trained in high voltage live